Beginnings and ends are all a jumble.

When I left Ashland towards the end of May, I expected to be gone for two weeks or so. I planned on going up to Olympia to visit the people who nourish my soul and then return to Ashland and figure out what my next step would be. I brought a shy selection of clothing since I knew I would only be around friends, or tromping around in the woods. I had the basic gypsy-kit on lock, because I had hardly been in Ashland for 5 days before I left for Olympia. (I was still equipped from wwoofing in California)

It is now early to mid September and I’m in Portland. I live in the same house I mentioned in the last blog, the one in SE Portland. After a YMCA summer camp job flop I found myself practically penniless in Portland. Thanks to Randy I had a roof over my head and internet connection to link me with job searching. Within a few weeks I landed a job at REI, needless to say I was JAZZED. I loved it there, the training was unbelievably useful and the people were friendly. But after about a month of working there though I realized I was hardly making enough money to cover rent and the commute was 20 minutes of driving on a good day and sometimes even took upwards of an hour, so I planned on getting another part-time job closer to the house to cover other costs. But before I got my second-job hunt underway I got a call from Mike, the Next Adventure manager. (WHAT?!)

Mike left a message asking if I’d come in to chat about a job, after running around the house screaming, I called him back and we arranged a date & time. The interview ended with “Well, we have more interviews to do, but we’ll call you after we’re through to let you know either way”. I got a call the next day offering me the job. So I was stoked, a job at REI and Next Adventure?! What could be better? – But REI wasn’t down. Having an employee work at another outdoor store is considered a “conflict of interest”. So, I had to quit REI. Now I’m working four days a week at Next Adventure and I’m able to cover rent as well as some other costs.

My life has been an endless roller coaster since late January and who knows what will unfold next. But here I am, creating my own dream life.

Next mission: find some friends.