Could I possibly be any more inspired?! My goodness. Portland is a lot of things, but one thing it is not, is a dead end. The amount of possibilities presented to anyone with their eyes open in this city is simply astounding.
An energetic bubble of art encompasses this city as well as the likelihood of a rousing experience or epiphany around every corner. Most recently I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Tina Berry and Chris Romain, two bikers who are part of a bigger group presently known as the Cultural Recyclists. The gang began as a group of Pen State students bicycling across the country focusing on learning as much about permaculture and sustainability as they could. The group came across Chris somewhere on their journey and he happily joined the ride.
I met Chris & Tina while I was at work (an outdoor store known as Next Adventure in Portland, which I LOVE).
Just a week or so ago Chris was hit by a car somewhere along the Southern Oregon coastline, he’s okay, but he’s got a broken leg and was flown to a hospital in Northern Oregon. As far as I know, the rest of the crew left the bikes in a small town and got rides up north to collect as a group and support Chris in his healing. –  I don’t know what will come of their journey, though I know they are headed to San Fran. (after they get back to their bikes, they will continue via two wheels.)
Despite Chris’s misfortune I cannot help but be drawn to either join their group (given they would accept me as a fellow rider, which has not been discussed) or do something similar on my own.
I’m drawn to Alaska, I am drawn to alllll of central and south America and I am finding myself drawn to Spain. – I just started a savings account and of course what I want to spend it on is a trip. A ticket to somewhere. A ticket to adventure, but at the same time I hear a voice in my head and a feeling in my heart telling me to spend the money I save (when I get to somewhere around $900 on a video camera…

(A VIDEO CAMERA?!… yup..)

Because I feel that with a video camera the idea of  being supplied with $900 +  to adventure and document it wont be so far fetched. I mean, my dad and I won $10,000 so who’s to say I can’t do it again?
There’s so much possibility. It’s just a matter of deciding what I want to do next.