The other day I had a yearning to go to Goodwill. There were some things I needed to get rid of to energetically cleanse my life as well as a few things I was looking for (PANTS)… but what I ended up finding was a cookbook.
My interest in starting to cook more food recently has stemmed from the obvious reason of wanting to save money as well as to better my awareness of what I’m actually consuming. Lately I’d been so busy with work that had been living off of burritos and Odwallas. Although I know those aren’t bad things to be in-taking, after getting a cold out of practically nowhere as well as having emptier than empty pockets, I decided that November was going to be a month of change. So after having to leave work 3 hours early because I simply couldn’t handle the head-pressure and then missing the once-a-month company meeting because I was fast asleep with snot practically puddling on my pillow, I pronounced the start of the November diet. Fresh juices, more greens and making all my own lunches for work, instead of using my 30 minutes of lunch to walk to the grocery store and back, microwave (those who know me well are familiar with my hatred for microwaves, so this is not a happy fact) a burrito and rush back onto the floor.
With my two days off I’ve been reading, writing, going on short walks and making food.
Here is my fantastic lentil soup, inspired by my new goodwill cookbook


I’m not sure of what shifts have happened exactly to me as a person in the last 5+ months in the Northwest but I’m changed.