This morning began with gulping water in attempts to cure the horrible hangover caused by the classic high school go-to, Potters.
Though it sounds like a dreadful start to a day…it wasn’t. To tell you readers (all two of you) the truth, not much brings me down these days. At all. Life is absolutely wonderful. .. Aaaaanyway. After downing 4 jars of water, I tip-toed out of my friends apartment and trotted to my vehicle (Sally, I love her). After zig-zagging and looping all around southwest Portland while on the phone with my dad, I landed at a tiny classic-style diner. They were playing classic jazz and I ordered the Alamode, a mediocre omelet. I sat at the bar alone, eating my omelet, reading my book and LOVING my hazy life.
After my breakfast adventure at 8 am I headed home, then changed my mind and headed to Goodwill where I had a conversation with a lovely older lady who was convinced I needed a sweater (even though I was wearing a down jacket). Ironically enough I ended up with a sweater with a tag that read “Essential”. After the sweaters I b-lined for the kitchen things, who knows why but for some strange reason I love the kitchen section of Goodwills… anyway I found a cup for the love of my life, Casey Schein and then on my way out I saw… well I don’t know what I saw because I still don’t understand what it is, but it was $10 and after the woman at the register convinced me it was a “conversation piece” I walked out of the store with a sweater, a cup and a I-don’t’-know-what.

My life is FANTASTICLY ironic. I love it.