Into The Wild. Gosh, what a film..
There is so much to do, and so little time, but so much time, but not ENOUGH time.
…At work today a large robust man told me I looked durable, like I could handle being on a fishing boat making $2000 a week. Another conversation I had lead to the idea of me being a regular volunteer for Audubon and slowly working up to habitat restoration and working with kids outdoors teaching them about birds. – I want to connect some dots. I want to climb, kayak, work with kids and have money as well as be durable. But which order do I put things in? Also, where will school come in? I still want to take spanish classes and math classes next year and then slowly work my way into school again, but I still don’t even know what I want to study or major in and I don’t want to go to school until I know that.
There are things I want, like a video camera, before anything else in my amazing life is missed, but then that expense will set me back a bit. – I need a large sum of money. I’m thinking about donating eggs, or an egg. I think women make like $7,000 doing that, but there are requirements for that too so, blah.
I’m still loving life, in fact the more I do what I want, the more fun I have (obvious statement, or not?).
One drawback being here though is the distance from my family. I miss my dad, my aunt, my cousin and her kids.. and I miss my mom and my brother too, who I never see anyway, but I still miss. And lastly, I miss my grandma. I just want to lay with her and hear what she has to say about things, about life… But who has the time?
What I would give to press PAUSE on life and return when things such as visiting family were complete…

Lastly, I am loving this sweater that old lady told me to get.. it’s red, and lovely.