BAM.Bing.Boom. BWAP.

I cannot even begin to bring anyone up-to-date, but I’ve just got to share a piece of my bliss.
First off, I’ve got the best job I could possibly have right now. I work at Next Adventure in Portland, OR. For the last few months I’ve been solely working in the climbing & footwear department (which I love) and here shortly I will begin to work over at the paddle sports center. I’ve learned so much since I’ve moved to Portland (just about this time last year) it’s just craziness. WHO KNEW?!
I anticipate being in Portland for about another year before I venture south-ward. The plan as of now is to attend Prescott college in Prescott, AZ. Though I haven’t applied and really don’t even know where to begin the process, but – that’s the plan.

Life is great.
I take the ACA ICE next week (Sea Kayaking – Instructor Certification) and then turn 20! Woop.

Thank you to all who have supported me in following my bliss, I wouldn’t be here without you.